Co Embed – Review!

Offical “Co Embed Review”! 


“Who Is The Vendor (Person Selling) For Co Embed, tell me more about the vendor” The vendor for Co Embed is Mo Miah, he is no newbie when it comes to selling these online products, he has released over 10 launches in the past few months and they have all been big launches, so it’s fair to say he knows what he is doing when it comes to marketing his product, but are his products good? Well before I answer that let me give you a bit more information as to how I came to my conclusion!


“Tell me more about Co Embed” The price of Co Embed at the time of this article is $37 however it has beem made clear by Mo Miah that the price will be going up over the following weeks to around the $90 mark. A brief description of what it does is it’s a software that lets you EMBED your Call to actions to any website or video online


“What Does Co Embed Do?” Coembed is a cloud based software that lets you EMBED your Call to actions to any website or video online. This includes pop up images, clickable links, social sharing buttons, opt in forms, annotations, videos, images and much more with just a few clicks. You can do this over any video, your own video and leverage any authority website online. On top of that, you can then schedule your embedded links + the content on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and linkedin.


Now before I tell give you more information and my review, I think it’s important that you see Co Embeds, video what they are marketing!


How Co Embed Works!

STEP 1: Grab any video or website content, or even use your own.


STEP 2: Embed your CTA, links, share buttons & opt in forms + design them at will.


STEP 3: Post or schedule your coembed links and campaigns on social media platforms, your blogs, and more.


Fun Fact: In 2017 alone, Sharing quality viral videos or Content is still one of the best ways to drive 100% FREE traffic from social media platforms


What Tools/Features you get In Co Embed Pro


Facebook Retargeting – This allows users to add every visitor that visits their coembed campaign links to a facebook custom audience to create hyper targeted audiences on their FB ads manager account (leveraging other people’s content LEGALLY.) Users can then retarget these audiences by pushing related ads.


A/B split testing – This allows users to experiment with multiple variations of CTA to optimize for higher conversion rates on their coembed campaigns.


Custom CSS – Users can add a custom css code to their link CTA campaigns when embedding on other people’s web content. This is a special option for advanced users who need the ability to display their own stylish CTA.


Custom Video Landing Page – This gives users the ability to host their coembed videos on a custom landing page with the ability to edit the logo, background, headline and text. Users can then advertise their embedded videos on a custom landing page!


What We Think Of Co Embed! We think that Co Embed is a good software for video marketers out there who want to save time, we also beleive its a good tool for people who are getting into video marketing and want to create Viral videos. However there is endless possiblities of the people who can use it! and the ways you can make money with it!


Why We Gave It 4/5? The main reason as to why we did not give this a 5/5 was due to the lack of inforation from the customer’s perspective before purchasing, we felt like there was too much uncertainty untill you get the software, however once you get the software you also get the release of uncertainity becuase it’s what you was expecting + more!


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