Viral Video FX – Review!

Official Viral Video FX Review! Find out “Is Viral Video FX Legit”!

“Who is the Vendor (Person Selling) for Viral Video FX”? Tell me more about the Vendor! The vendor for Viral Video FX is Thomas Lee. Here is a bit more information on Thomas Lee, Thomas has only vendored for one product according to his Munch Eye profile data, that product being the Viral Video FX software.


“Tell me more about Viral Video FX“!? The price of Viral Video FX at the time of this article being written is $27, Viral Video FX is a Video Software tool, what is mainly used by video marketers, it consits of three most popular marketing techniques them being.


1 – Import Video From Facebook Or Youtube

2 – Custom Header & Footer

3 – Publish and Schedule On FaceBook


This software has been created to tackle the issue of time effieency, all the things that Video Viral FX offer can be done manually however, what they offer is the software for you to do it in one place quickly, and you know what they say in the business world, “Time is money”


Before we talk more about Viral Video FX and give you our review, we think its important that you watch, Viral Video FX’s video on what they are marketing and how they say it works!



“Will I get support once purchasing Viral Video FX“?, to answer your question YES you will get support with questions regarding the product it’s self all you will have to do is contact them via their channel of contact this may be, Live Support, Email, Phone, or other!


“I’m still confused about the product! Give me more info” ViralVideoFX” essentially automates the entire process of createing trending + viral videos and then publishing them on to a platform of your choice. Whether  your wanting to sell products on shopify, digital product, amazon affiliate promotion, brand promotion… Facebook is aggressively getting into videos in 2017 and has recently started running ads in-between the videos that you publish, just like YouTube does. They are going to be sharing the revenue with publishers, just like YouTube videos. Now is the best time to start getting on Facebook, start publishing videos to dominate your niches. Not only that, videos are the most consumed content on Facebook right now, so if you’re trying to build an audience, sell something, build a list or simply get traffic, publishing videos on Facebook is the easiest and sure-shot method of doing that.


“Who is Viral Video FX For?” Now anyone can purchase Viral Video FX, but you may be asking who is for, it’s for anyone who wants to up their video marketing game, wherever you run a Shopify Store or if you run a Facebook page, if you want to step your Video Marketing Game Up then it’s for you!


More Information About The Product And How It Works!

Here is all the tools what Viral Video FX offer and a brief description of how it works!

Instant Import Video

You can use your own video from PC, Facebook and Youtube URL to import.

Add Video Header & Footer

It can help you easily add text to the header and footer with text editor tool!

Insert Emotion Icon

The software’s library has a large variety of emojis that you can easily add-on header and footer.

WaterMark Video

You can easily add a WaterMark wherever it be an Image,Number,Email & So On!

Render Video

You can create and export videos with slow, medium, high quality options!

Save Video To PC

Video can be saved on your PC for the next time or be uploaded to anoter website.

Publish videos on Fanpages

You can easily upload videos to any of your fanpages by inputting your access token and choosing a fanpage to upload it to!

Schedule to Publish

You can schedule to publish videos for a time what suits you, this saves a bunch of time!

Newbie Friendly

This software is very easy to use, so if you are unfamiliar with video softwares dont worry!

Proven Technology

This software works on windows and has been created based on a proven technology.


What Do We Think? The team here at IsItLegit think that Viral Video FX is overall a good software and will save Video Marketers a lot of time and will help people who are trying to get better at creating viral videos, however the only downside and the reason we are not rating this 5/5 is due to the sales page level of english, it was not the best however the software looks fine and I would reccomend it!



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